Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Where are you located?
A.  We are located at 2084 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett, MA, Rte. 16.
Q.  What are your hours of operation?
A.  Richie�s Slush is a seasonable business. We are open April 1st to Columbus Day weekend, 7 days a week including ALL holidays.
Weather Permitting
All Season - 11:00 a.m- 10:30 p.m.
Q.  Do you sell ice cream?
A.  Yes, we sell Richardson�s Farms ice cream. We have over 30 flavors of ice cream including soft serve and frozen yogurts.
Q.  Do you have gift cards?
Q.  I heard you have party specials. What are they?
A.  The party specials we have are the Bucket Special and the Gallon Special; both include cups and straws, and a choice of two different flavors or two of the same. (We do not mix flavors in buckets or gallons)
Bucket Special
(2) 2.5 gallons of slush
Feeds up to 75 people
Gallon Special
(2) 1-gallon buckets of slush
Feeds up to 30 people
Q.  How big are your containers of slush?
A.  We have 2 sizes. The 1-gallon container feeds up to 15 people (small cups). The 2.5 gallon feeds up to 35 small cups.
Q.  Do I need to call ahead for ordering slush containers?
A.  1 gallons - no need to order, we always keep plenty in stock and most flavors available everyday. 2.5 gallons - no need to order as we keep all of our basic flavors in stock. However, our specialty flavors may need a 24-hour notice please.
Q.  Do I need to order slush for a holiday weekend?
A.  Yes! We do require you to call on Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend. Specialty flavors may not be available on these weekends.
Q.  If my slush melts, can I re-freeze it?
A.  You can re-freeze any liquid; however, you cannot re-freeze slush. The consistency and flavor will not be the same and will form freezer crystals.
Q.  How do I keep my slush cold?
A.  Slush is a frozen product, therefore, you must keep it in a freezer or a cooler full of ice at all times. However, moving the slush to the refrigerator a half-hour before use will make the slush a scoop-able consistency.
Q.  Do you accept credit cards and checks?
A.  Yes, we accept credit cards, but only MasterCard and Visa with a minimum purchase of $15.00. No, we do not accept checks.
Q.  How do I go about selling your product for my business and/or renting a push-cart?
A.  Go to or call (617) 387-3188.