About Us

Richie’s Slush was founded in 1956 by Richard Cardillo, Sr. He began selling lemon slush out of his friendly market, a modest family business on Revere Beach Parkway in Everett. The shop was well known for its veal cutlet subs and friend foods. With the addition of lemon slush to his menu, Richard Cardillo didn’t know it at the time, but he was starting a revolution. The slush recipe was brought to the states by the Dinatale Family who migrated to Everett from Italy, clutching the now famous recipe for Lemon Slush. Upon the success of the recipe at Richie’s store, the Dinatale’s sold it to Richie, Sr., thus opening the door to the experimentation and the development of even more delicious flavors.

Richie’s Slush grew drastically, yet remained a small family business for about 25 years. In 1983 Richie, Sr. was diagnosed with cancer. No longer able to fulfill the demands of the full time cooking and slush making, he discontinued the famous subs and decided to go seasonal, adding an ice cream window to his storefront.

Richie’s children, Valerie and Richie, Jr. helped to keep the business going. Because of the rapid growth of the slush market, and the high demand for slush in large quantities, Richie Jr. decided to open a wholesale warehouse, located at 3 Garvey Street in Everett, just around the corner from his father’s famous shop on the parkway. During the wholesale season, his empire will produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of slush in over 20 flavors for retailers all over New England. You will most likely see the trademark pink and blue umbrella of a Richie’s pushcart at many summer festivities. Richie's Slush is sold throughout New England and New York State with locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Cape Cod, Eastern and Western Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Locations include the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston; Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH; The Hilltop in Saugus and Weymouth; and Stop & Shop in Saugus, Woburn and Medford. Some local customers even boasted buying Richie’s Slush at the famous Woodstock ’99, a far cry from the local Richie’s on the Parkway!

In 1995, Richie Sr. passed away, yet his legacy on the Parkway is continued by his daughter, Valerie Massone. Located just 3 miles north of Boston, on Rt. 16 (Revere Beach Parkway) in Everett, while visiting the retail storefront, one can choose from over 25 types of exotic and exciting slush flavors, all made fresh on the premises. From the succulent classic lemon, and the tangy kick of the sour Blue Raspberry to the tropical tastes of Pina Colada and Mango, there is something for everyone at Richie’s. As slush piles up on our left side window, ice cream is served on the right side. Here we serve Richardson’s Farm ice cream from Middleton, MA and the soft serve too. One of our specialties is our famous banana boats. The retail season stretches from April 1st to late October each year, seven days a week and all holidays.